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25 May 2023

Mandravasarotra project

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Mandravasarotra resources are becoming increasingly scarce. This plant, endemic to the Antsanitia region, grows only in the 150km coastal strip. Mandravasarotra, known as a plant with many medicinal virtues, has been plundered.

Given the increasing scarcity of these resources, we are proposing reforestation and adequate protection for the species. We are carrying out a number of actions with the aim of effectively reforesting Mandravasarotra.

The Mandravasarotra is a relatively delicate plant, which grows very slowly. It requires a very specific ecosystem. It takes at least ten years before you can hope to harvest its leaves. With a view to encouraging reforestation, we decided to set up a nursery.

Today, in partnership with the association le domaine du mandavasar, Amada has found a way to reproduce the plant (after 5 years of research) on a large scale. The best practice is to remove only the leaves from the mandravasarotra shrubs, to allow them to regenerate quickly.

Once the plants have grown, they are given to the villagers, who plant them on their land.

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