Projet cantine scolaire
25 May 2023

School meals for all in Madagascar

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Our health partner Tsiky (an association in Majanga) pointed out to us a few years ago that many children are malnourished, some of them quite seriously. How can we reduce the rate of absenteeism from school where it is highest? How can we ensure that pupils concentrate better in lessons? How can we tackle the problem of child nutrition?

Thanks to our partner Madazaza, we are able to finance the school canteen.

This school canteen project carried out since 2014 acts on several axes:

  • Eradication of cases of malnutrition in the village Antsanitia;
  • Improvement of children’s health;
  • Schooling of children who were not previously enrolled in school, as they lived more than 5 km from the school ;
  • Creation of local jobs, as it’s the village women who do the cooking;
  • We source our vegetables, fruit, fish and meat from local artisans;
  • This means that producers benefit from the sale of their produce, which provides them with a fixed income.</Today, nearly 300 pupils attend school.Do you also want to remember our action?

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