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The AMADA association

n 2009, the AMADA NGO was created in response to the idea that a high-standard tourism project couldn’t be developed in an environment where local people were struggling to survive. The organisation was set up when the Antsanitia Resort was taken over, with the objective of improving the lives of the village community living in the immediate vicinity of the hotel.

The organisation works closely with the ADTIA association (Association pour le Développement et le Tourisme Intégré à Antsanitia – Association for Development and Integrated Tourism in Antsanitia), which brings together the inhabitants of the community of villages around the hotel.
Our scope of action is the Antsanitia sector on the north-west coast of the island, 16 km from Majunga (Mahajanga), the country’s 4th largest city. It takes 45 minutes to reach the town by track.
The association is involved in all areas of development: health, education, training, environmental protection, development of economic activities, etc. The most significant projects in which the association has invested are: the construction of nursery, primary and secondary schools, a dispensary, improved access to water and reforestation thanks to the tree nursery.

While there is still much to be done, we are optimistic about the future, as the projects supported by AMADA are attracting considerable support and participation from the villagers.
Please note that as a guest of Antsanitia Resort, thanks to the 1% for the Planet programme, you are making a financial contribution to improving living conditions in the community.
The AMADA project is based on the determination of Edgard Valero, Chairman of AMANTA Resorts & Travel:

“I first came to Antsanitia as a tourist in April 2007 with my family. I was charmed by the place and very quickly enthusiastic about the project’s ‘total’ sustainable development”.

To find out more about our organisation or to support us actively, please visit our website: 

<strong><a href=”https://association-amada.org/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>AMADA</a></strong>

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How to join the association as a customer?

You can support AMADA in several ways:

Don’t hesitate to pack a few books or other small school supplies in your suitcases, as these donations will always be welcome for the village school. What’s more, we donate a percentage of the excursions we make to the villagers’ association.

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How is the hotel involved in the community?

The hotel plays an active role in community life by:

  • children’s education;
  • daily meals offered in the school canteen;
  • an active participation in reforestation;
  • and the hiring of village staff trained by the establishment.

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