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Committed Ecolodge in Madagascar

Classified as a 4-star hotel in 2022, Antsanitia Resort was the Amanta group’s initial establishment. Just 25 minutes from Majunga (Mahajunga) airport, facing the beach and overlooking the Morira River estuary and the Mozambique Channel, this ecolodge operates in symbiosis with the fishing village of Antsanitia. Along with the AMADA association, it plays an active role in preserving the environment and improving the villagers’ living conditions.

Set on a 22-hectare estate, Antsanitia Resort features a restaurant, a lounge bar, a large swimming pool, several types of accommodation ranging from double rooms to family suites with swimming pools, an events area and a massage and care centre for Malagasy and international guests. It is also the perfect starting point for discovering the rich natural and cultural heritage of the Boeny region by sea, river or track.

Located in Madagascar, Antsanitia Resort has developed an ecotourism concept that is entirely integrated into the environment, working with three fishing villages located around the hotel to support local development and accompany the actions needed to improve the villagers’ living conditions: this is the very essence of integrated tourism.



The AMADA Association

The AMADA project was the result of a joint initiative by French and Malagasy players who shared a common ambition to help improve the living conditions of a village community in Madagascar. A story made possible thanks to a great deal of support.

The Association is involved in all areas of development: health, education, training, environmental protection, development of economic activities, etc. The most significant projects in which the Association is involved are: the construction of a school, a dispensary, access to water, a reforestation project and the management of the school canteen, with 250 meals a day provided by the hotel.

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Tortues terrestres

Protecting Land Turtles

You’ll be able to see Madagascar’s land tortoises in their natural habitat. In fact, since May 2023, Antsanitia Resort has been home to 20 abandoned turtles. Tortoises are among the oldest living reptiles on the planet. Many species of turtle are endemic to Madagascar, and all are rare and threatened.

Maison des lémuriens

Preserving Lemurs

We wish to raise visitors’ awareness of the difficult living conditions of lemurs in the wild, which have been declared virtually extinct in their native country due to deforestation and the bushmeat trade. If lemurs disappeared, Madagascar’s forests would be wiped out. We have therefore set up an educational hut to inform our customers. We currently have two lemur families living on the estate.

And you, what are your eco-gestures?

We also encourage you to adopt the eco-gestures below during your stay at the hotel:

  • Turn off the lights and television when you leave your room.
  • Choose to limit your change of linen in your room and bathroom.
  • Close your bedroom windows if there is air conditioning.
  • Turn off the air conditioning when you leave your room.
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