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25 May 2023

Tourism in Madagascar: A unique place in the world

- Antsanitia - Ecotourism -

Antsanitia is a hotel in Madagascar that takes respect for the environment very seriously. Antsanitia hotel Madagascar is located on the banks of the Morira River, at the top of a plateau overlooking the estuary and boasting a breathtaking view of the Mozambique Channel. Just 25 km from Majunga, discover a resort in harmony with nature, in a preserved tropical setting.

A new philosophy of madagascar travel

Your stay at Antsanitia Resort Hotel Madagascar is placed under the sign of Ecotourism: the Resort is integrated into its natural and human environment. All our attention is turned towards the preservation of natural resources and biodiversity. The AMADA association, created in 2009 in France, supports local development and the improvement of villagers’ living conditions. Its local representative is ADTIA. The role of this villagers’ association is to define priority needs and encourage local initiatives. Obtaining Green Globe© certification in 2013 confirmed Antsanitia Resort Hotel Madagascar’s commitment to sustainable human and environmental development. In this way, the notion of integrated tourism guides our steps and dictates our philosophy.

An ethical operation

ADTIA brings together 3 villages located around the hotel site, representing just over 600 people. This association, made up of local villagers, defines its development priorities. AMADA provides logistical and financial support for structuring projects in health, education, training, environmental protection and the development of economic activities.

A whole world to discover

Going to Madagascar is an unparalleled experience. Here you will find unspoilt, pristine landscapes of striking beauty. The men and women who populate this incredible country will come to meet you and you will discover their traditions and way of life. On your excursions, you’ll come close to whales, lemurs and crocodiles. You’ll be diving in warm waters, exploring natural sites and wandering around the bustling, colourful city of Mahajanga. A whole world is open to you for the duration of your stay: set off to discover it and let yourself be surprised.



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