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25 May 2023

What to bring back from Madagascar?

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Madagascan handicrafts are full of little marvels. Good news: prices in Madagascar mean you can treat yourself without breaking the bank.

Nestled in the Indian Ocean and separated from south-east Africa by the Mozambique Channel, Madagascar is renowned for its wealth of biodiversity with several species endemic to the island, its heavenly landscapes and white sandy beaches that ensure a total change of scenery. Your travel to Madagascar will allow you to admire its orchids, lemurs, and other species spread across the national parks and nature reserves. But what can you bring back from the Big Island after an unforgettable stay?

Madagascar souvenir: what to bring back from Majunga?

On the west coast, Majunga is among the most popular destinations for tourists on their trip to Mada. It stands out for its magnificent white sandy beaches, its many remarkable sites, its flora and fauna and its marine activities, such as the whale and dolphin photo safaris offered by Antsanitia Resort. But this part of the island, nicknamed the “City of Flowers”, also offers various wonders that you can take home as souvenirs of your holiday in Madagascar.

If you’re a fan of handicrafts, you’ll easily find objects made from basketry, whatever your budget. Satrana and raffia are used to make mats, hats and baskets made by the villagers. Shoes, bags and belts made from zebu hide also make excellent gifts.

And why not opt for sand bottles, an excellent souvenir to bring back from your travel to Madagascar? You’ll be amazed by the impressive motifs that the artisans manage to reproduce: rice paddies, landscapes with dhows and pirogues, baobabs, chameleons, zebus, etc. You can even order your own designs. Prefer creations by ANGAYA-labelled artisans if you want quality products that respect the environment.

What other souvenirs to bring back from your trip to Madagascar?

During your travel to Madagascar, discover the specific treasures of each region that you can take home as souvenirs. If you’re heading to Nosy Be and the northern part of the island, vanilla and Ylang-Ylang essential oils will be the must-have products. But there are also seed necklaces, terracotta trinkets, embroidered items and wooden masks.

While silk textiles are famous in Tana, zebu horn objects and miniatures made from recycled materials are popular in Antsirabe. Still on RN7, you can buy precious wood carvings and marquetry in Ambositra or Antemoro paper in Ambalavao. In the south of Madagascar, you’ll find silver jewellery from the Antandroy and essential oils in Manakara.

It is advisable to visit the official Malagasy customs website to find out what items a tourist can take out of Madagascar.

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